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Why we moderate/delete non-naked women.

Posted by on in News
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SFW Nail

We have tens of thousands of users. We have 84,000 nails as of the writing of this post. Over 16,000 different workbenches. Needless to say, we have a crap ton of content going up each day, as well as a crap ton of new users that are joining the community.

We also have a page in our about section called "Guidelines" that lays out our expectations of the community.

Now we aren't stupid. We know people (especially men) don't read the instruction book before they do something. Honestly, I don't think I've ever read the "terms of service" of any product or site. I just check the box saying I did and carry on about my business.

A select few users seem to use MANteresting as a place to post pictures of women dressed in scantily clad clothes, small bikinis, in their underwear, and on a very rare occasion...completely naked. When we send them emails saying they can't do this, or when we end up deleting their content, they get pissed. Rightfully so, as guys you'd think you'd be encouraged to nail hot chicks right?

Here is why you can't:

A) 70% of our traffic occurs between the hours of 9am and 5pm, which means people are on MANteresting at work. Most people I know aren't allowed to look at half naked pictures of women at work and get paid for it.


B) Our wives would kill us if we ran a not safe for work site. This might not matter to you, but we don't feel like sleeping on the couch every night.


and most importantly, 


C) We literally received an email from Google last week telling us they were suspending our Google Adsense contract because of inappropriate content showing up on our site. They linked to an image of a busty girl in a bra and underwear (wasn't the most scandalous image that's been posted here by any means). Based off that image, and others like it, they deactivated our account.


We are two guys that have spent over $12,000 on the site over the last six months out of our own pockets. We have sought no funding/investments. Every expense we have, we pay from our personal bank accounts. As our site has grown, so have our costs; Our server costs alone are $980/month.


Seeing that we are not ridiculously rich, and I don't presume you want to pay to use our site, we have to run a few non-obtrusive ads to help with the costs (they are pretty discrete huh?).  Fortunately, I appealed Google's decision, and they reinstated our account. Adsense fully covers are operating cost and therefore we can not afford (literally) to have Google suspend our service again.


Do I understand you probably want to Nail hot chicks and might be frustrated that you can't? ABSOLUTELY. We hope, however, now that you have a little more insight, you'll help us out and keep the content clean.


Lastly, you might be wondering why you still find NSFW images on our site. Again, there are only two of us working behind the scenes, moderating as best we can. There are a butt load of NSFW nails in our archives and we are working through purging them.

If you see something that violates our TOS we ask you to flag it (not renail it). When an image is reported, we get an email sent to us and we can go in and decide whether or not we should remove the flag because the content is fine, or remove the image because it is a violation.


If posting pictures of women (pictures that you wouldn't be comfortable showing your boss at work) is really important to you, then we probably aren't the right site for you. We can't and wont compromise on this.


What do you guys think, how can we make this more clear and known to the general population?



  • Nick Heydenrych Friday, 12 October 2012

    Dear Sirs,

    I see the tension as follows: It's the internet. Users want to see women in various states of undress. There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes smut or NSFW content. It varies. Meanwhile, you want advertising revenue through legitimate mainstream vendors like Google, who trend conservative as a matter of commercial policy. I am disregarding the other point about traffic occurring during regular business hours as irrelevant because, as I see it, anyone who's browsing personal interest sites at work probably does not care about whether the content is NSFW. They're assuming the risk.

    Here is what I propose: Solve your problems using coding tools, not wasting your lives nagging your users away over whatever vague moral standard Google wishes to impose on you. Users will be driven away if your site degenerates into a bunch of self-righteous PSAs over the socially or morally acceptable constraints on how they should be allowed to appreciate the female form. Besides, there's no real clear standard anyway. Is a sexy pie fight between Maryann and Ginger NSFW and also good clean fun? I say yes.

    Alternatively, if you solve these problems using code, you build value into your company. Instead of alienating your user base by policing them personally (and exhausting yourselves by doing it by hand), you could use code to empower them and employ them as a community. I suggest you could do so using the following plan:

    1. The default front page displays only *your* nails. That way you as admins get to control the default images. That way you can keep it interesting by being interesting yourselves. That way you can really showcase the site's abilities by using it as a test platform. Imagine for example if some of your nails were videos, muted by default, that gradually increased in size and played their sound with gradually increasing volume as a user's mouse hovered over the nail. Imagine a nail that was itself an app. The possibilities are staggering.

    2. Users should be directed to create their own account if they want to see their own nails as the default page view. Users should have the following account options: To obtain or share feeds with friends (both in general and with the ability to filter by topic, Facebook or Google plus compatibility would be nice), the option to subscribe to feeds by tag (like an image-based RSS), the option to block specific tags or users (e.g., religious or political posts or posters who find such topics interesting).

    3. All posts or nails by default should be flagged as NSFW. If a user wants to designate something as safe for work / general display, they should have to uncheck the NSFW flag, which should always be preceded by a short statement of your moral yardstick (e.g., "If you wouldn't want your mother to know you were looking at this, then it's NSFW"). That way the posting users are assuming responsibility for vouching for the safety of their content.

    4. Users should have the option to easily toggle whether they're viewing your site in SFW or NSFW mode. Any user feed, link, or image self-flagged or otherwise deemed NSFW should only display for registered users who have agreed that they do not object to such content and are choosing to view in NSFW mode. For users who are visiting the site for the first time or otherwise without being logged into an account, they should not have a NSFW mode option, and such images should not display.

    5. A user who wrongly unflags an NSFW image, link, or other content should be subjected to a disciplinary algorithm, essentially holding that first time offenders are warned, second time offenders generally are punished by temporarily losing posting privileges from their IP address, and lastly, banishment for those who either repeatedly violate or post something that is not only NSFW but truly horrific (e.g., goatse, Justin Bieber video mashups, Twilight fanfic, etc.).

    6. Users should have the ability to earn moderator privileges. By offering that you win in two ways - one you generate more user involvement and site interest, and two you get free labor from community policing. You can make your own criteria as to how a person earns moderator privileges, what their powers are, etc.

    These are my off-the-cuff ideas for your site. I hope that you have found them constructive and helpful. I think what you're doing is fascinating and the above proposals really just skim the tip of the iceberg. I think you're on to something big by blending browsing with social networking. Keep up the good work.

    Nicholas Heydenrych, AAL (Oregon)

  • MANteresting Team Friday, 12 October 2012

    Amazing comment. I'm on my phone so I can't really respond to it in as much detail as I'd like, but you have some really helpful tips. We know this is a hot topic an we really don't want to limit how people interact with the site.

    We have implemented a moderator system and will be rolling it out in the next week. At this point we have five users we've partnered with. You can read a bit about the program here.


    Our biggest issue with some of your suggestions is cost associated to develop these different systems (nsfw and sfw versions, deeper social integration, etc). There is so much we want to do and build (mobile apps, random button, etc) we are trying to prioritize these features while limiting our out of pocket costs. We want the website to be self sustaining.

  • JP Friday, 12 October 2012

    While difficult to walk the line between SFW and NSFW, there are (literally) millions of places to view NSFW images/videos. There are any number of things on most websites that someone finds offensive (alcohol, language, politics, pro/anti religion, etc) and it would be easy to go overboard... but where you've drawn the distinction with this policy, I (and my wife) applaud you! I love the site!

    Great work,


  • Zach Friday, 12 October 2012

    Love the site and couldn't agree more about the SFW policy. I for one would entire stop using it if it turned into a trash dump. I also agree with Nick that the definition of "Safe for Work" is very difficult to put into words. Perhaps the least expensive solution is the user-moderator option, which it seems like you are working on.

    One other thing that could be tweaked. Right now, in order to flag a NSFW picture, a user has to click on it, which makes it bigger on their screen. Not a good thing. Then, after they click on the "Flag" link, select the reason, and submit it, they are returned to large NSFW image. Again, not a good thing.

    "Honey, I was just telling them I didn't think the picture was appropriate, honest. It's not my fault the images has to take up the entire screen...twice." ;)

    Love the site, and keep up the great work.

  • MANteresting Team Friday, 12 October 2012

    @Zach- Yeah, we don't know wtf is wrong with the flagging workflow. We've noted it and will sick a developer on the fix. So dumb that it comes up twice and I've had to explain the same thing to my wife. Will be fixed soon.

  • MANteresting Team Friday, 12 October 2012

    @JP thanks for the feedback. this is a devicisve issue for sure and we know some wont like it, glad though to see most users are supportive.

  • Chris Monday, 19 November 2012

    I just visited the site and of the 100 nails I scrolled through, about 50% of them were pics of women (across many degrees of skankiness). I work from home, so SWFW isn't an issue. My issue is boredom. I come for the site to look at cool gadgets, cars, homes and stuff I don't even know I want to see till it's there. I visit other sites for titillation and porn. I visit Manteresting to be entertained.

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